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Which sunglasses fit my face best?

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  • By Woodiful
Which sunglasses fit my face best?

Sunglasses should match your face and style just like regular glasses. There are so many different models that it can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable model. It also depends on where and when you wear the sunglasses. Do you want to be seen with your stylish sunglasses or do you just wear them while driving and then quickly store them in the glove compartment. If you choose style combined with comfort, wooden sunglasses are a good choice. You'll certainly notice this, because wooden sunglasses are hip these days. But which model do you choose?

What shape does my face have?

To know which sunglasses to choose, it is important to know what shape your face has. You can determine this by looking in the mirror and drawing imaginary lines over your face. To do this, remove the hair from your face as far as applicable, because only then can you clearly see the shape of your face. The width of your forehead, cheekbones and chin determine the shape of your face. This can be round, oval, square, rectangular or heart-shaped. As soon as you know what shape your face has, you can see which wooden sunglasses fit best.

The best wooden sunglasses for an oval, round or rectangular face

If you have an oval face shape then you're mumps, because almost all models of sunglasses fit here. You only have to take care that the glasses are not too big or too small. If you have a round face, you can make it look longer by choosing glasses with square or rectangular lenses. The lenses are preferably slightly higher than they are wide, and feel free to choose a slightly larger model. If you have a rectangular face, choose for example glasses with a striking top, a rectangular model with a low nose bridge. Choose glasses that are slightly wider than the face. To make your face look fuller, choose glasses with a heavier frame and legs, a separate model of wooden sunglasses is ideal for this face shape.

The ideal sunglasses for the square or heart-shaped face

If you have a square face, the forehead and jawline are the same width. You can soften this by choosing wooden sunglasses with a round model that emphasizes your eyebrows. Choose a model that will make your face look a bit longer. Finally, the heart-shaped face is wide in the forehead and narrow in the jawline. You can easily distract the attention of your forehead by choosing a model of sunglasses with thin legs. Choose a model with larger lenses, preferably a bit striking on the underside.

If you follow these handy tips, you'll easily find the most ideal sunglasses that perfectly match your face. Woodiful's wooden sunglasses collection offers plenty of choice for every face shape.

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