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Wooden watches

Watches come in different shapes and sizes, but a wooden watch truly offers a unique piece of art around your wrist. Wooden watches are light weighted and therefore a lot more comfortable to wear than the common metal watches. Wooden watches for both men and women can be found in Woodiful's collection. We have watches in all sizes, shapes and each with unique characters.


Different kinds of wooden watches

Because we have such a wide variety of choice it can be hard to find and buy the specific watch that meets your demands. Will you choose a simple women wooden watch without a lot of decorative ornaments? Or are you looking for a wooden mens watch for you boyfriend who likes decoration on his watch with different subdials.

On this page you can select different filters which allow you to find the specific watch you are looking for;

  • Style: Different shapes of watches. Do you like a round or quadratic (rectangular) shape for your watch? Traditionally wooden watches have a round shape, but we have also included some rectangular pieces in our collection.
  • Made for: A lot of watches are suitable for both men and women. Nevertheless we made a selection of specific wooden watches for men and wooden watches for women. Wooden watches for her are slightly more subtle and the case diameter is smaller than our male wooden watches. His wooden watches are more unrefined and encounter multiple subdials.

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When do you wear a wooden watch?

A wooden watch is appropriate for almost every occasion. Nevertheless it is important to match your watch with your clothing style and to keep the circumstances to wear your wooden watch in mind.

There is a diversity in the types of wood we use and each different type of wood has a unique colour. Our green and red sandalwood watches truly stand out in colour compared to the rest of the collection. This can influence your choice. A red watch cannot be easily combined with a blue shirt and a green watch curses with yellow clothing. Choose a neutral colour if you are looking for a watch that can be worn at all times and which you can combine with almost everything. A maple wood watch can be an excellent choice in this case.

Not every situation is suitable to wear your watch and the situation can influence if you choose to wear one or not. Clearly it is not the best plan to wear a watch if you go for a swim (with no plans of taking your watch off;-)). Wooden watches are not destined to cope with too much water. Of course a splash of water does no harm.

The outside temperature is another factor that determines whether to wear your watch or leave it at home. If the temperatures are rising this can make you sweaty even around your wrist. This can be quite irritating and make you want to stop wearing your watch for a while. In a short period of time we will introduce some new wooden watches with leather straps into the collection. Those are very well suited to wear on a hot summer day.


How to wear your watch?

By the time you made your perfect choise there is only one thing left to know. How do you wear a watch? There is a specific etiquette for the correct way of wearing a watch. Of course this does not force you to follow this usage, but it might be handy to ascribe this matter.

Which wrest do you use to wear your watch?

Generally your watch is worn on the wrist of your non dominant side. This means that if you are right-handed, you wear your watch on your left wrist. Vice versa you wear your watch on your right watch if you are left-handed. Your watch must not move too much, but a narrow fit can be irritating. The best location to wear your watch is on the bump at the outside of your wrist.

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How close-fitting do you wear a watch?

This matter is strongly influenced by your own preferences. Some people don’t like a tight jewel around their wrist, while others don’t mind. An important thing to keep in mind is the location of the clock. Make sure that the clock is situated on top of your wrist and does not move to your flank. It is comfortable to have enough space to move your watch +/- 1 inch on your wrist.

It is quite easy to adjust the stripe to your measurements. Every delivery includes a peg which allows you to adjust your watch. Make sure that your watch does not feel too tight or too loose and you are ready to shine!

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Rhyacium - 1.77 inch

€89,95 €39,95
This multifunction watch is characterized by the separate seconds dial and the unique date subdial.
Out of stock

Eon - 1.46 inch

€59,95 €29,95
Looking for a timeless watch? Then the Eon is made for you! This unique wooden women watch is availa

Carboon - 1.81 inch

€99,95 €39,95
Looking for a cool and unique watch? Then the Carboon is made for you! This sturdy watch has a multi
Out of stock

Era - 1.73 inch

€59,95 €29,95
The first model from Woodiful's wooden watch collection and without a doubt still one of the most po
Out of stock

Perm - 1.32 inch

€64,95 €24,95
Looking for a timeless watch? Then the Perm is made for you! This unique wooden women watch is avail

Tonium - 1.85 inch

€99,95 €39,95
Looking for a cool and unique watch? Then the Tonium is made for you! This sturdy watch has a multif

Devoon - 1.77 inch

€64,95 €24,95
The second model in Woodiful's Timeless Collection is the beautiful Devoon. Named after the relative
Out of stock

Eoceen - 1.81 inch

€74,95 €34,95
Unique and tough. The Eocene is a timeless watch that is available in ebony, red sandalwood and a be
Out of stock

Ordovicium - 1.73 inch

Are you looking for a cool and unique watch? Then the Ordovicium is made for you! This rugged watch
Out of stock

Archeaan - 1.81 inch

€59,95 €29,95
The multifunctional Archean shows how to combine natural materials with the benefits of today. The b
The #1 wooden men's watch from Woodiful's collection. The wide range and wide band provide a sturdy

Cambrium - 1.46 inch

€59,95 €29,95
One of the women models in Woodiful's Timeless Collection. Named after the last period of the era Pa
Out of stock

Perm - 1.85 inch

€64,95 €44,95
Looking for a timeless watch? Then the Perm is made for you! This unique wooden men's watch is avail
Jura is the square model in Woodiful's wooden watches collection. A unique wooden watch available in

Lias - 1.22 inch

€64,95 €24,95
This subtle wooden womens watch is the perfect gift for her or a perfect present to keep yourself. T
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